Oregon Boy’s Trip!

Fishing Was Not Great But We Got Crab!


At the beginning of August this year, my son Ryan and I got off for our annual boy’s trip.  Normally we go right after school ends but we had to delay for various reasons but it was a good thing we did.

My good friends Steve Lund, a fellow Rotarian, had retired and he and his wife were traveling around the country in their 5th wheel.   He has family that, in the summer, resides in Winchester Bay, Oregon near the thriving metropolitan community of Reedsport and north of Coos Bay.

I went to my last 2.5 years of high school near the Oregon border but had never been out to the Oregon coast.  It was absolutely beautiful.  It never ceases to amaze me, although it happens every time I go north, how the landscape changes from California to Oregon.  It’s especially noticeable along I-5 and less so along Hwy. 101.20160810_170827

We broke of the drive up and stayed overnight in Brookings, Oregon the first day.  Brookings is a sleepy little “beach” town, that’s how it felt anyway, just over the Oregon border.

We stopped and had a little pizza dinner at this place on the water essentially run by kids in their teens and early 20’s.  It was GREAT pizza.  Here’s their reviews..  https://www.yelp.com/biz/zolas-pizzeria-brookings

20160809_182647The real treat of the trip was going on ATV’s in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.  It’s not something I would have done without my son’s encouragement and boy was it fun.  I got stuck a couple of times and helped by a couple of very nice people.  I was sore as I could be the next couple of days but it was worth the quality time with my boy and I thanked him for it. Smile

We got our ATV’s at Spinreel Dune Buggy & ATV Rental and they were very thorough and polite.  I’d definitely go back. (See video below.)  Their prices weren’t cheap but not unreasonable either.

We also were able to go out with friends on their boat on the Umpqua River for salmon, which we didn’t get, but did get a lot of crab and then some oysters.  We had to buy those but they were very fresh and good.

Camping, fishing, dune ATV’ing…all in all it was a great trip away with my son and friends.

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