Rocklin Home Sales Report

September 2016 –  Rocklin 95765 Real Estate Sales Report

West Rocklin Map LabeledRocklin real estate sales have been a little different this year than in the last few years. The slow, grinding ride ( read = stable and sane )that looks to continue into next year.

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Homes in the $500K and $550K are moving much more slowly right now than they have been all year.  Homes below $500K are moving and demand seems to be consistent. Steady and selling but the value in the home has to be there.

The consistency is indicated in the pending sales numbers for the last 3 months.  See the dark green vertical lines in the graph.  Pending sales have gone up slightly every month from July through September for all property types in the zip code.

The table below gives you an idea of what the market looks like for homes in varying price ranges.  The numbers on the high end of each entry were pulled to the dollar.  For example, $350 to $399 was pulled to $399,999.

Price Range

Days to Sell

Number Sold

Available Now

$350K – $399K




$400K – $449K




$450K – $499K




$500K – $549K




$550K – $599K




Home Sales In Rocklin – 95765

July, August and September have been reasonably consistent sales months showing an increasing trend as compared to last year.  While down significantly from June, which is semi normal for the time of year, it’s encouraging to see gradual increases in the following months.  I did expect more sales in August, similar to last year, however September more than made up for it with a 54% increase in sales year over year.

The graph below is a composite of all homes for sale, in pending sale and sold in the zip code for the last 15 months ending September 2016.

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Rocklin 95765 Sales Graph 9-16

Rocklin 95765 Sales Table 9-16

As the graph and table below it show, the number of homes on the market is down 9.1%, pending sales are up 5.7% and sales are up 53.8% year over year.  I would say sales being up that much over last year is a little atypical heading into the fall/winter pattern, but I’ll take it.

The bright spot is that the average sold price is up 12.2% over last year and the appreciation has been steady.

For the full report on Rocklin 95765, click here.  This report includes all graphs for days it takes to sell, the average sales price for the zip code, average list to sale price percentage and much more.  It’s worth a look.

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