20161110_133813Last winter, my wife declared that we were going to Mexico, Cancun specifically, in November.  I nodded and smiled as I usually do knowing that was the best course of action. Smile  I said “let me know what I need to do and we’ll make it happen.”

About a year later, I’m standing on a cliff over looking the Beach at Tulum. (pictured above)  Man, was it ever pretty.

We stayed an an all inclusive resort called “The Grand Palladium” which was enormous.  All meals were included, pools everywhere as well as “ala carte” restaurants that were very good.

The best meal we had was at the Brazilian steak house on site.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a better “meat” dinner ever.  It was simply the best tasting meat I’ve ever had.

My wife had planned everything perfectly.  Due to being in a boot from broken leg at the ankle, she wasn’t able to join us at Xel-Ha, which is a water park of sorts that makes use of the natural resources over a huge area just south of Akumal Bay, or Xplor a zip line and adventure park just south of Playa del Carmen.

Then there was the dolphin experience…

I can’t recommend this area enough.  I’ve never been there before and I will go back.  It’s cheaper than Hawaii and more friendly.   We had a great time.