I’ve Saved My Clients Over $52,000!

And That’s Just in Commissions!

Since January, 2017, I have saved my clients over $52,000 in commissions on the sales of their homes*.  I find this number a little hard to believe but after looking at it for a few days, it’s true,  I did just that.

How I Did It

About 5 years ago, I made a decision to become a broker and go out on my own. I had grown tired of the drama, the egos, and attitudes of the offices/companies I had been affiliated with.  Some were better than others and there was always someone with whom I could relate but overall, they didn’t match my personality.

In addition, I was tired of paying another broker for the work I was doing.  I knew it was required by law as a “salesperson licensee” but it never felt quite fair to me or other agents.

What this change has enabled me to do was to pass that money I would’ve paid to another broker onto my clients saving them thousands on the sales of their homes.

I’ve been busier and have had better years than ever since going out on my own.  Best decision I’ve made for me, my family and my clients.  I couldn’t be happier.

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Passing the Savings Onto You

How I’ve saved my client’s so much money is by reducing my overhead and offering by far a lower average commission than virtually all agents in my service area as well as maintaining well over 100% listing to sales price percentage on 98% of the listings I’ve sold since 2012.  Lowering the commission a seller pays and selling their homes for a higher price than we listed it for is a winning combination. (and no we don’t cheat the other guy, I just thought it was a funny image, right?)

If You Need to Sell Your Home…

If you need to sell your home, let’s talk! I can help you save money just like I’ve done for my other clients. The worse thing that happens is you just kick me out and go on to the next person right? No pressure just straight talk.

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*Based on the industry standard commission of 6%

Saxe Realty Services is a Disabled Veteran Owned Business