Just Move To West Rocklin?

All The Info I Could Think Of

Rocklin SignWhen you’re getting moved it’s tough to know who services what, where the stores are, where the school is..you get the idea.

While most have about 30 to 45 days to prepare to get moved in and tend to have most of this stuff handled, I thought it would be nice to add this bit of convenience to my site for those who need it.

If you  have any questions or even better, some additions, please don’t hesitate to call, text or email me. Thanks for visiting Rocklin Real Estate Views!


Electricity – PG&E for gas and electricity – To start new service call 1-800-PGE-5000 or Click here.  This link will take you to the start stop service page on their website.

Garbage – Recology Auburn Placer is the company that handles garbage pick up in the West Rocklin area.  Their number is (530) 885-3735 for customer service.  Click here for their website.

Water – Placer County Water Agency, PCWA, handles the water service in Rocklin.  We’re very fortunate to have some of the best water in the state right here in Rocklin normally coming in about 20 to 35 TDS which is amazing.  I’ve measured it at below 20 on occasion.  Their number is (530) 823-4850.  Click here for their website.

TV – Cable TV is a bit of a crap shoot in West Rocklin.  There are a couple of mainstay companies one being Wave Cable and the other being Surewest or Consolidated Communications as it’s now called.

They started out as local companies but were sold to larger conglomerates. There is also AT&T Uverse in some sections of Stanford Ranch I believe and also, if I’m not mistaken, Comcast in some areas of West Rocklin as well.

Consolidated/Surewest worked really well for us but I recommend not using their router for internet and buying your own if you get their service.  Wave Cable has really improved as well and is cheaper than Consolidated.

I feel that Consolidated is marginally better but not worth the additional cost.  Wave is cheaper all around. Wave Cable can be reached at 866-928-3123 or click here for their website.

Consolidated Communications can be reached at 866-787-3937 or click here for their website. Click here for the Comcast website and click here for the AT&T Uverse website.

Again, I’m not sure about the availability of Comcast in Rocklin.

Rocklin Unified School District

Rocklin Unified School District My son, currently a 3rd grader, has been in the RUSD for his entire educational experience at Ruhkala Elementary School.  We’ve been VERY impressed with the quality of his education and we believe he is benefiting enormously from this experience.

The community in Rocklin is very active around the schools.  It is truly the type of community I’ve always wanted to be a part of. I had intended to list all the contact numbers to the schools but the RUSD website has done such a good job that I’ll list the school level and a link to their website.

It’s good to go there anyway so you can bookmark the site.  TONS of good information.  The new site is really nice.

Elementary Schools – Click here for the link to the RUSD Elementary Schools page.

Middle Schools – Click here for the link to the RUSD Middle Schools page.

High Schools – Click here for the link to the RUSD High Schools page. Rocklin Independent Charter Academy – Click here for the RUSD RICA page.

RUSD School Accountability Report Cards – Click here for the RUSD report cards for all schools.

Rocklin Academy – RA is a charter school in Rocklin with several locations.  I have many friends whose kids go to RA and they rave about it.  Click here for their website. You can’t go wrong with the Rocklin School system.  It’s fantastic no matter which school your child attends.

 West Rocklin Subdivision Map

This is a color coded map of the major subdivision in West Rocklin.  Familiarize yourself with it as there will be a quiz! 😉

West Rocklin Map Labeled