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Whether selling or not, knowing the current value of your home and the basic direction of the market can be critical to your making informed financial decisions.

There is no way you can get accurate information from an automated online source.  It’s just not possible.   I’ve run reports myself for homes I know and have gotten “zestimates” that are wildly inaccurate.

At best, an online resource based in another state or even another city can’t possibly be as accurate as an industry professional who has years of experience in pricing homes to sell and knows the direction of the market in the short term right in your own neighborhood.  Why would you go anywhere else?  It just makes sense.

Let’s Get the Sales Pitch Out of the Way

I’ve got 17 years full time experience selling home throughout South Placer and Eastern Sacramento County areas.

Since 2012, my average listing price to sales price percentage is 103.5% when the rest of the market averages around 98%.

I offer lower than average commissions.  Since January 2017, I’ve saved my clients over $52,000 in commissions.  I also provide a full-service listing with professional photos and consultation on getting your home ready to sell, pricing and the escrow process.

For a full report on what how to get your home ready to sell as well as my philosophy on pricing and buyers, please click here.  If you’ve got a home to sell or have any questions at all, please call me at 916-532-7653 or just fill out the form below.

The Value of Your Home

To find the value of your home, an appraiser is going to compare it to other homes that have sold that are similar and within close proximity.

To get it right, the appraiser will have to get inside to the home to check condition and amenities.  I would also need to get inside the home to assess the condition from an objective standpoint.

However, it’s not always convenient to do this and you may not have time or patience for this process.  If we can’t get together for a short meeting so that I can accurately assess the condition and confirm amenities, I can only provide you with a value range.  That is the best that anyone could do in this situation.

I’m willing to provide you with an educated value range within 8 hours of your request.  I can normally do this much more quickly but I give myself a little time just in case I’m out with clients or your request has come in late at night.

All I need is a physical address and an email address to send the report to with my assessment of value.  No hassle!

Please fill out the form below and be sure to include your address.  I’ll take it from there.

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