Twelve Bridges Real Estate Sales Data

12 Bridges

Twelve Bridges in the City of Lincoln is a beautiful community.  It’s also very diverse in terms of the types of homes that are within this area.

Down on the lower part of this area closer to Hwy 65, you’ve got some homes that vary in price from $400,000 to about $550,000 then up above near the country club the homes start around $700,000 up over a $1,000,000 in several gated communities.

The country club, Catta Verdera, is very nice.  I’ve played it several times and it’s a nice place to play.

The first graph shows homes in the Twelve Bridges community for sale, that are in pending sale and those that have sold.  These averages are a little skewed as it includes the area around Catta Verdera as well as the area around the elementary school nearer to Hwy 65.

Due to the nature of this area, these graphs might be a bit difficult to decipher.  If you’ve got questions just give me a call.  My contact page is here.

The information on these graphs comes directly from Metrolist Services, Inc.  This is the multiple listing service in the Sacramento region.

Twelve Bridges Home Sales Graphs

The first graph shows the levels of homes for sale, in pending sale and sold for the given month.

This graph shows the average listing price vs. the average sales price in the area.  Again, these numbers are a bit skewed because of the differences in the values from upper to lower Twelve Bridges.

This graph gives seller’s an idea on how long it takes to get a home into pending sale or for buyer’s how long you’ll have to submit an offer. These are averages.

The numbers in this area bounce around a bit and can be hard to decipher.  Please call or email me with questions.  You can find my contact info here.