What’s My South Placer County Home Worth?

Professional Home Valuation

whats my rocklin home worth_thumb[1]Over the past year and a half, home values have gone up sharply.  Values are gaining at a rapid pace.  Since February, 2012, the average sales price in South Placer County has climbed 49,8%.*

This has brought many previously underwater homeowners back to above water.

What You Get

We provide a professional home valuation reports based on the most recent comparable sales of homes within as close a proximity as possible but not outside 1 mile radius of your home within the shortest time frame possible.  Only the most recent comparable home sales, generally within the last 60 days, are relevant to the value of your home.

We create a comprehensive report and deliver it to your door or email box within 24 hours.  You need not be home to receive your Rocklin home value report, we can leave it at your front door.

What You Won’t Get

Unless you check the box in the request “Subscribe Me To Your Newsletter” you will not get any spam from us aside from an email to confirm delivery and receipt.

Your information is not sold or shared with anyone, ever.  That is our promise.

My goal is to earn your business whether that’s now or sometime down the road.  I know I won’t earn that by being annoying and intrusive but, if you’d like, I will endeavor, with your permission, to keep you informed with relevant and current West Rocklin real estate content.

Who Is Saxe Realty Services?

I am an independent real estate brokerage specializing in the West Rocklin market.  I live in Rocklin, my son goes to school in Rocklin and our life is in South Placer County.  I have been representing buyers and sellers in South Placer County since 2002.

Why would you ask for the value of your home from some ambiguous website that has never seen, been near or doesn’t live in your community?  The potential for inaccuracy is enormous.  When needing to plan your future, wouldn’t it be wise to work with someone who represents your community?

Help Us Help You

For valuations beyond the average value described above, we need as much information as possible to make the most accurate assessment of the value of your home.  Please include:

1)  Pools and spas

2)  Flooring; tile, laminate, hardwood, carpet

3)  Large lot sizes

4)  Location description

5)  Unique amenities/upgrades

This information will help us to get as close as possible to the most accurate value of your home.

A visual inspection of condition / amenities are available upon your request and would be best to ascertain the closest value range possible.

*Information from Metrolist Inc., the multiple listing service where 98% of all homes in Rocklin are sold.  Raw data provided when requested.